Future (ir + a) – Free Exercise

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Exercise A1

Choose the correct form of ir.

  1. El martes los alumnos a ir de excursión a Toledo.[On Tuesday, the pupils are going to take a trip to Toledo.]
  2. Cuando te recuperes de tu lesión a entrenar todos los días.[When you have recovered from your injury, you are going to exercise every day.]
  3. Creo que a estudiar todos los días.[I think I’m going to study every day.]
  4. ¿Sabes si tu hermana y tú a asistir al concierto?[Do you know if your sister and you are going to attend the concert?]
  5. Lorena y yo a comer algo antes de ir a la cama.[Lorena and I are going to eat something before we go to bed.]

Type in the verbs in the futuro próximo.

  1. El piso (estar)   disponible a partir del 1 de marzo.[The flat is going to be available from the first of March.]
  2. Los trabajadores (convocar)   una huelga.[The workers are going to call for a strike.]
  3. Ahora mismo (yo/hacer)   la maleta.[I’m going to pack the suitcase now.]
  4. ¿Cuándo (tú/limpiar)   el polvo de tu habitación?[When are you going to dust your room?]
  5. Mañana (nosotros/vender)   todos los trastos en el mercadillo.[Tomorrow we are going to sell all our things at the flea market.]

Type in the reflexive verbs in the futuro próximo.

  1. Mis vecinos (mudarse)   la semana que viene.[My neighbours are going to move next week.]
  2. Si lo ves, seguro que (reírse)  .[If you see it, you’re surely going to laugh.]
  3. Aunque sea difícil, nunca (nosotros/rendirse)  .[Although it’s difficult, we’re not going to give up.]
  4. (yo/irse)   de vacaciones al Caribe.[I’m going to the Caribbean on my holidays.]
  5. Mi hermana (llamarse)   Carolina.[My sister’s going to be named Carolina.]