Future (ir + a) – Free Exercise

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Choose the correct form of ir.

  1. El martes los alumnos a ir de excursión a Toledo.On Tuesday, the pupils are going to take a trip to Toledo.
  2. Cuando te recuperes de tu lesión a entrenar todos los días.When you have recovered from your injury, you are going to exercise every day.
  3. Creo que a estudiar todos los días.I think I’m going to study every day.
  4. ¿Sabes si tu hermana y tú a asistir al concierto?Do you know if your sister and you are going to attend the concert?
  5. Lorena y yo a comer algo antes de ir a la cama.Lorena and I are going to eat something before we go to bed.

Type in the verbs in the futuro próximo.

  1. El piso (estar)   disponible a partir del 1 de marzo.The flat is going to be available from the first of March.
  2. Los trabajadores (convocar)   una huelga.The workers are going to call for a strike.
  3. Ahora mismo (yo/hacer)   la maleta.I’m going to pack the suitcase now.
  4. ¿Cuándo (tú/limpiar)   el polvo de tu habitación?When are you going to dust your room?
  5. Mañana (nosotros/vender)   todos los trastos en el mercadillo.Tomorrow we are going to sell all our things at the flea market.

Type in the reflexive verbs in the futuro próximo.

  1. Mis vecinos (mudarse)   la semana que viene.My neighbours are going to move next week.
  2. Si lo ves, seguro que (reírse)  .If you see it, you’re surely going to laugh.
  3. Aunque sea difícil, nunca (nosotros/rendirse)  .Although it’s difficult, we’re not going to give up.
  4. (yo/irse)   de vacaciones al Caribe.I’m going to the Caribbean on my holidays.
  5. Mi hermana (llamarse)   Carolina.My sister’s going to be named Carolina.