Conditional Simple – Free Exercise

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Exercises B2

Regular verbs. Choose the correct answer.

  1. Antes de ir a tu casa, Raúl y yo pasear al perro.[Before we go to your place, we should take the dog for a walk.]|suggestion
  2. Mis padres más felices viviendo en Cuba.[My parents would be happier if they lived in Cuba.]|supposition
  3. Te advertí que esa empresa no te el dinero.[I had already warned you that this company wouldn’t pay back any money.]|future action from a past standpoint
  4. Yo contigo hasta el fin del mundo.[I would go with you to the end of the world.]|probability
  5. Nos ir de vacaciones en verano.[We would like to go on holiday in the summer.]|wish

Irregular verbs. Type in the verbs in the conditional simple.

  1. Creí que vosotros (venir)   hoy.[I thought you would come today.]|supposition
  2. La primera vez que fui a España (tener)   15 años.[The first time I went to Spain, I must have been about 15 years old.]|uncertainty about an event in the past
  3. ¿(poder/tú)   venir a recogerme?[Could you pick me up?]|polite request
  4. ¿Crees que no (caber)   otro armario aquí?[Do you think another cupboard couldn’t fit in here?]|supposition
  5. Los alumnos (querer)   tener más tiempo libre.[The pupils would like to have more free time.]|wish

All verbs. Type in the verbs in the conditional simple.

  1. Me (encantar)   acompañarte en tu aventura.[I would love to accompany you on your adventure.]|wish
  2. Mis vecinos dijeron que no (necesitar)   ayuda.[My neighbours had said that they didn’t need any help.]|future action from a past standpoint
  3. ¿No (poder/tú)   bailar delante de tanta gente?[Would you not be able to dance in front of so many people?]|supposition
  4. Si se sobrepasase el presupuesto, entonces creo que (pedir/nosotros)   un crédito.[If it exceeded our budget, I think we would apply for a loan.]|probability
  5. Esas casas (valer)   cerca de trescientos mil euros hace 5 años.[Five years ago, these houses must have cost about 300,000 euro.]|uncertainty about an event in the past