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Complete the following text about Alexandra with the correct preposition: de or desde.

Alexandra es una chica 19 años Madrid.[Alexandra is a 19-year-old girl from Madrid.]|1. Type|2. Origin

Estudia ingeniería industrial en la Universidad Politécnica el año pasado.[She has been studying industrial engineering at the Polytechnic University since last year.]|Time point when an action started

Va a todas partes en su bicicleta montaña porque siempre lleva mucha prisa.[She goes everywhere on her bike because she’s always in a hurry.]|Type

8 la mañana a 2 la tarde tiene clase en la facultad.[From 8 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon she has class at the uni.]|1. Time marker de ...+ a ... |2. Time marker de la mañana|3. Time marker de la tarde

A la hora comer se toma un bocadillo tortilla en la cafetería.[At lunch time she has a tortilla sandwich in the cafeteria.]|1. Typical time expression|2. Type

las 3 y media hasta las 5 va a clase Yoga en un gimnasio barrio.[From half past three until five she goes to a yoga class in a local gym.]|1. Time marker desde ...+ hasta ...|2. Type|3. Origin

Lo practica los quince años.[She’s been practising yoga since she was fifteen.]|Time point when an action started

allí, va directamente a la biblioteca y estudia un par de horas.[From there, she goes directly to the library and studies for a couple of hours.]|Place of origin

Cerca la biblioteca hay un cine antiguo.Allí queda con sus amigas los martes por la noche.[Near the library there’s an old cinema. She meets some friends there on Monday nights.]|Preposition of place cerca de

Antes volver a casa, cena con sus padres.[Before going home, she has dinner with her parents.]|Preposition of time antes de

Viven en un antiguo apartamento cerca la Plaza Mayor.[They live in an old apartment near the Plaza Mayor.]|Preposition of place cerca de

que Alexandra vive sola, intenta visitarlos un rato todos los días.[Since Alexandra has lived alone she tries to visit them for a little while every day.]|Time point when an action started

allí vuelve directamente a casa con su bici. Vive en Malasaña, en un quinto piso sin ascensor.[From there she goes straight home on her bike. She lives in Malasaña, in the fifth floor with no lift.]|Point of origin

Sube la bicicleta por las escaleras todos los días. Por suerte, es aluminio y no pesa nada.[She carries her bike up the stairs every day. Luckily it’s aluminium, so it barely weighs anything.]|Material