Questions – Free Exercise

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Exercise A1

Choose the correct question-word.

  1. ¿ ha comprado el vinilo? – Marina.[Who bought the record? - Marina.]|Asking about the subject - the person who bought the record
  2. ¿ es tu nuevo coche? – Rojo y con ruedas grandes.[What is your new car like? - Red with big wheels.]|Asking about a quality or trait
  3. ¿ habéis comido en la cantina? – Patatas fritas.[What did you eat in the dining hall? - Chips.]|Asking about an object - not a person
  4. ¿ estás triste? – Porque echo de menos a mi hermano.[Why are you sad? - Because I miss my brother.]|Asking about a reason
  5. ¿ quieres irte? – Después de comer.[When do you want to leave? - After eating.]|Asking about a time
  6. ¿ de estos libros te gusta más? – El de las poesías de Rafael Alberti.[Which of these books do you like the best? - The one with the poems by Rafael Alberti.]|Asking about a choice from a selected array of things/people

Ask for the underlined section of the sentence.

  1. Entrenan en el patio.
    → ¿ ?[They’re training in the courtyard. → Where are they training?]|question about place
  2. Este ramo es para mamá.
    → ¿ ?[This bouquet is for Mama. → Who is this bouquet for?]|question about a person, with a preposition
  3. El festival comienza mañana.
    → ¿ ?[The festival begins tomorrow. → When does the festival begin?]|question about time
  4. El pastelero de mi barrio hace los mejores pasteles.
    → ¿ ?[The pastry chef in my neighbourhood makes the best cakes. → Who makes the best cakes?]|question about the subject - a person
  5. A los niños les gustan los animales.
    → ¿ ?[The children like animals. → What do the children like?]|question about the object|The verb here has to be in the 3rd person singular