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Learn to describe people’s faces in Spanish with our handy vocabulary list.

Memorise the ten new words using the colourful picture, then do the vocabulary tests to check your knowledge. See how these words are used in a real Spanish text in the reading comprehension section.

La cabeza

  1. el pelohair
  2. la frenteforehead
  3. el ojoeye
  4. la mejillacheek
  5. la bocamouth
  6. la nariznose
  7. la orejaear
  8. el hoyuelodimple
  9. la barbillachin
  10. la barbabeard

Pelo or pelos?

The word pelo has two meanings in Spanish. It can refer to a singular hair or to all the hair on someone’s head. The plural form pelos only several hairs in an individual manner.

En mi sopa hay un pelo. No, en realidad son dos pelos.There’s a hair in my soup. Actually it’s two hairs.
Carmela tiene el pelo canoso. = Carmela tiene algunos pelos canosos.Carmela has grey hair. = Carmela has some grey hairs.

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