Vocabulary Test (2)

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Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.
You can only use each word once.

  1. Leticia tiene largo y rubio.[Leticia has long blonde hair.]
  2. Con olemos y con escuchamos.[We smell with our nose and we hear with our ears.]
  3. Mi tío tiene la misma que Papá Noel.[My uncle has the same beard as Father Christmas.]
  4. Hoy he trabajado mucho en el ordenador y me duelen .[Today I worked a lot on the computer and my eyes are hurting.]
  5. Cuando Macarena reflexiona sobre algo, se toca la .[When Macarena thinks about something, she touches her chin.]
  6. No entiendo bien a Ricardo porque habla con casi cerrada.[I don’t understand Ricardo very well because he talks with his mouth nearly closed.]
  7. Cuando Laura se ríe le salen dos lindos en las .[When Laura laughs two pretty dimples appear in her cheeks.]
  8. Amparo se ha caído por las escaleras. Por suerte, solo tiene un chichón en .[Amparo fell on the stairs. Luckily, she only has a lump on her forehead.]

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