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Do you find it difficult to watch Spanish football matches because the commentators speak too quickly? Would you like to know how to talk about football with your Spanish friends? Then look no further than our handy vocab list!

This page will teach you ten useful words for discussing football in Spanish.

Memorise the words using the colourful image, then check your knowledge in the vocabulary tests. You can see how these new words are used in a real Spanish dialogue in the listening comprehension section.


  1. la pelota/el balónball
  2. la porteríathe goal
  3. el porterogoal keeper
  4. el defensadefence
  5. el delanteroforward/striker
  6. el silbato/el pitowhistle
  7. la tarjeta rojared card
  8. el punto de penaltipenalty spot
  9. la copacup
  10. el área pequeñathe box

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