Vocabulary Test (2)

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Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.
You can only use each word once.

  1. intenta meter un gol en contraria.[A striker tries to score in the opponent’s goal.]
  2. lleva guantes para parar mejor .[The goalkeeper wears gloves to better stop the ball.]
  3. se queda en su campo y rechaza los ataques del equipo contrario.[The defence stays on their side and blocks the attacks from the opposing team.]
  4. El árbitro controla el juego con .[The referee controls the game with a whistle.]
  5. Una falta en se penaliza duramente.[A foul in the box is punished harshly.]
  6. Si un jugador recibe , debe abandonar el campo de juego.[If a player receives a red card, he has to leave the pitch.]
  7. En los torneos nacionales e internacionales se puede ganar .[In national and international tournaments you can win a cup.]
  8. Si un partido de campeonato acaba en empate, el juego se decide tirando desde .[If a championship match ends in a draw, the game is decided by penalties.]

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