Train Station

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Take the stress out of travelling by train by learning the most important words related to the train station in Spanish.

Memorise the ten new words using the colourful image, then do the vocabulary tests to check your knowledge. See how these words are used in a real Spanish text in the reading comprehension section.

La estación

  1. el coche/el vagóncarriage
  2. la locomotoraengine/locomotive
  3. el andénplatform
  4. el cartel de llegadas y salidasdepartures and arrivals board
  5. el revisorconductor/ticket inspector
    femenino: la revisora
  6. el maquinista/el conductortrain driver
    femenino: la maquinista/la conductora
  7. el billete de trentrain ticket
  8. la máquina de billetesticket machine
  9. el raíltrain track
  10. el pasajeropassenger
    femenino: la pasajera

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