Body Parts (1)

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If you’re thinking about attending fitness classes in a Spanish-speaking country, it’s a good idea to learn some relevant vocab to make sure you can follow instructions!

This page will teach you ten Spanish words related to parts of the body. Memorise the list using the colourful picture, then do the vocabulary tests to check your knowledge. See the new words used in a real Spanish text in the reading comprehension section.

Las partes del cuerpo

  1. la cabezahead
  2. la manohand
  3. el brazoarm
  4. el pechochest
  5. la tripa/la barrigastomach
  6. la piernaleg
  7. el muslothigh
  8. la rodillaknee
  9. la espaldaback
  10. el traserobottom/bum

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