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At Christmas time everything is full of pretty lights and colourful decorations.

This page will teach you ten words that you can use to talk about Christmas traditions in Spanish.

Memorise the list using the colourful image, then do the vocabulary tests to check your knowledge. See how these words are used in a real Spanish text in the reading comprehension section.

La Navidad

  1. el árbol de NavidadChristmas tree
  2. la bola de Navidadbauble/ornament
  3. Papá NoelFather Christmas/Santa Claus
  4. el cascanuecesnutcracker
  5. el ángelangel
  6. la corona de Navidadwreath
  7. la chimeneafireplace/chimney
  8. la iluminaciónChristmas lights
  9. la tarjeta de NavidadChristmas card
  10. el regalo navideñoChristmas present


In Spain and some Latin American countries, the tarjeta de Navidad (Christmas card) is known as a christmas or a crisma.

Hoy he recibido un christmas de mi abuela.Today I got a Christmas card from my grandma.