Present Subjunctive – Exercises

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Choose the correct form of the present subjunctive.

  1. No creo que Luis tu pedido a tiempo.[I don’t think Luis will have your order in time.]|doubt about likelihood/probability
  2. Quizás mis padres a visitarme en verano.[Maybe my parents will visit me in the summer.]|statement of possibility
  3. Tenéis que llamarme cuando al recinto del concierto.[You have to call me when you get to the concert location.]|After phrases such as antes de que, apenas, cuando…
  4. Iré de todas maneras, aunque no coche.[I’ll come anyway, even if I don’t have a car.]|statement of hypothetical consequences: I will come
  5. ¡Por favor, Marta, no por el pasillo![Marta, please don’t run in the corridor!]|negated imperative

Type in the verbs in the present subjunctive.

  1. Puede ser que mañana (venir)  el director de la filial.[It may well be that the director of the branch office will come tomorrow.]|hypothesis
  2. Llamaremos tan pronto como (terminar)  de comer.[We’ll call as soon as we’ve finished eating.]|After phrases such as tan pronto como…
  3. Ojalá las nubes (irse) .[Hopefully the clouds will go away soon.]|hopeful possibility
  4. ¡No te (ensuciar)  la camisa![Don’t get your shirt dirty!]|negated imperative
  5. Iremos a esquiar, aunque no (haber)  demasiada nieve.[We’ll go skiing even if there’s not that much snow.]|statement of hypothetical consequences: I will go

Type in the verbs in the present subjunctive.

  1. Espero que los húspedes no (necesitar)  nada más.[I hope the guests don’t need anything else.]|hopeful possibility
  2. Es probable que (yo/llegar)  con retraso.[It’s likely that I will arrive late.]|probability
  3. Nos sentimos parte del equipo, aunque no (jugar)  en él.[We feel like part of the team, even though we’re not playing.]|statement of hypothetical conditions with certain expressions
  4. ¡No (vosotros/hablar)  con desconocidos![Don’t talk to strangers!]|negated imperative
  5. No creo que los precios (estar)  ahora más baratos.[I don’t think the prices are any cheaper now.]|doubt about probability/possibility