Countable and uncountable nouns – Free Exercise

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Decide if the nouns below are countable (contable) or uncountable (incontable).

  1. café:
  2. galleta:
  3. harina:
  4. sal:
  5. manzana:
  6. helado:
    ice cream
  7. pan:
  8. huevo:
  9. aceite:
  10. tarta:

Choose the container or unit of measurement that best fits the nouns below.

  1. azúcar:
    sugar → packet
  2. leche:
    milk → carton
  3. mantequilla:
    butter → stick
  4. tomate:
    tomato → tin
  5. chocolate:
    chocolate → bar

Complete the text with the singular or plural form of the nouns.

Las magdalenas perfectas:

- Primero, se colocan los de papel en la bandeja del horno.[First place the cases on the baking tray.]|definite plural article losmoldes

- Después, se precalienta el horno a 200 .[Next, preheat the oven to 200 degrees.]|200 introduces the plural → grados

- En un bol, se montan 4 claras de y se añade un poco de .[In a bowl, add four egg whites and add a bit of salt.]|1. noun introduced by dehuevo|2. uncountable noun → sal

- En otro bol se mezclan 4 yemas de con 250 gramos de .[In a different bowl mix the four egg yolks with 250 grams of sugar.]|1. noun introduced by dehuevo|2. uncountable noun → azúcar

- Se añaden dos 250 mililitros de y 120 de .[Add 250 millilitres of oil and 120 of milk.]|aceite and leche are both uncountable

- Se juntan las dos con una espátula.[Combine both mixtures with a spatula.]|dos is a signal word for plural → mezclas

- Se vierte la mezcla final en los moldes hasta cubrir 1/3 de su capacidad.[Pour the final mixture into the cases until they are filled two thirds of the way.]

- Se hornean entre 10 y 12 .[Bake them for 10 to 12 minutes.]|12 is a signal for the plural → minutos

- Cuando estén doradas, se sacan.[When they are golden, take them out.]