Spanish verbs that require the subjunctive


There are many verbs in Spanish that require the subjunctive. It’s best to start by learning the verbs that are also often used in English. In this way, you will become familiar with the correct usage of the subjunctive and be able to apply this knowledge to other verbs later.

Verbs of Speech and Thought in Negative Form

no + verb + que + subjuntivo

No creo que sea una persona arrogante.I don’t think he is an arrogant person.
admitir accept, admit jurar swear, vow
advertir note, point out juzgar judge
asegurar ensure, secure opinar opine (say, think)
afirmar affirm pensar think
confesar confess, admit presumir presume, boast
creer believe reconocer recognise
decir say saber know (a fact)
estimar estimate sospechar suspect
imaginarse imagine

Verbs of Wishing/Willing/Commanding

verb + que + subjuntivo

Nos han pedido que nos fuéramos a casa.They requested that we go home.
aceptar accept merecer deserve, merit
aconsejar advise (s.o.) necesitar need
advertir warn (s.o.) obligar force, obligate
buscar search for ordenar arrange, order
causar cause pedir request
conceder concede, grant perdonar forgive, pardon
conseguir get, achieve permitir permit, allow
convenir agree persuadir persuade, convince
criticar criticise preferir prefer
decir say pretender claim, aim
dejar let, leave procurar attempt
descartar dismiss, discard prohibir prohibit, forbid
desear wish, desire promover promote, sponsor
desmentir deny proponer propose, suggest
esperar wait for, hope for querer want
establecer establish reclamar claim, complain
evitar avoid recomendar recommend
exigir demand reprochar reproach, blame
hacer make, do rogar pray, entreat
impedir impede, prevent solicitar request, solicit
implantar implant, found sugerir suggest
indicar indicate suplicar supplicate, appeal
lograr accomplish, achieve tolerar tolerate
mandar order, command

Verbs of Doubt/Uncertainty

verb + que + subjuntivo

Me extraña que Rosana no haya llamado.I’m surprised that Rosana hasn’t called.
dudar to doubt/to wonder
extrañarse to be surprised/to wonder

Verbs of Feeling/Mood

verb + que + subjuntivo

Lamenté que no hubieras venido.I regretted that you hadn’t come.
admirar admire extrañarse de surprise, find strange
alegrarse (de) cheer up, be happy (about) lamentar regret, be sorry about
arrepentirse repent, regret perdonar forgive, waive
celebrar celebrate quejarse de complain (about)
contentarse con be content with reconfortar comfort
disfrutar enjoy sentir feel
doler hurt, ache temer fear
dudar doubt, wonder about

Pronominal Verbs of Feeling/Mood

verb + que + subjuntivo

Me encanta que vengas a visitarme.I love that you’re coming to visit me.
(me) abate it brings (me) down (me) entusiasma it delights (me)
(me) aburre it bores (me) (me) escandaliza it shocks/scandalises (me)
(me) agrada it pleases/gratifies (me) (me) fascina it fascinates (me)
(me) angustia it anguishes/distresses (me) (me) gusta (I) like/it pleases (me)
(me) apena it distresses (me) (me) halaga it flatters (me)
(me) asombra it astonishes/amazes (me) (me) horripila it horrifies (me)/creeps (me) out
(me) atormenta it torments/tortures (me) (me) horroriza it horrifies/appals (me)
(me) avergüenza it shames/embarrasses (me) (me) importa it is important (to me)
(me) cautiva it captivates/beguiles (me) (me) impresiona it impresses (me)
(me) complace it pleases (me) (me) indigna it makes (me) indignant/disgusts (me)
(me) confunde it confounds/confuses (me) (me) interesa it interests (me)
(me) desconcierta it disconcerts (me) (me) irrita it irritates/exasperates (me)
(me) desespera it discourages (me) (me) molesta it disturbs/bothers (me)
(me) disgusta it disgusts/offends (me) (me) motiva it motivates (me)
(me) divierte it amuses/diverts (me) (me) pesa (I) regret
(me) encanta (I) like, love (me) preocupa it worries (me)
(me) enfurece it enrages (me) (me) satisface it satisfies (me)/it suffices
(me) enoja it angers/annoys (me) (me) seduce it tempts (me)
(me) enorgullece it makes (me) proud (me) sorprende it surprises (me)
(me) entristece it makes (me) sad