The Winter Olympics


Do you like sport? Are you the type of person who never misses the Winter Olympics? Learn how to talk about them in Spanish with our list of ten useful words. Memorise the list using the colourful image, then check your knowledge in the vocabulary tests. In the reading comprehension section you can see how the new words are used in a real Spanish text.

Los Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno

  1. la ramparamp
  2. el saltador de esquíski jumper
  3. la tribunastands
  4. el ganadorwinner
  5. el podiopodium
  6. la medalla de orogold medal
  7. la medalla de platasilver medal
  8. la medalla de broncebronze medal
  9. la patinadora sobre hieloice skater
  10. la pista de hieloice rink