How many Spanish words about summer do you know? Learn ten new words related to summer with our colourful picture, then take the tests and do the exercises to see how much you’ve learned. Listen to how these words are used in a real Spanish dialogue in the listening comprehension section.

El verano

  1. el solthe sun
  2. las gafas de solsunglasses
  3. la hamacahammock
  4. la tumbonasun bed
  5. la palmerapalm tree
  6. el pícnicpicnic
  7. la crema solarsun cream
  8. el heladoice cream
  9. el balón hinchable(blow up) beach ball
  10. el flotadorinflatable/arm bands


The word Sol is written with a capital letter when we talk about it as a star. If we refer to the weather or we want to speak generally about the sun, we write it with a lower case letter.

El Sol es una estrella.The sun is a star.
El sol está saliendo.The sun is coming out.